Mr and Mrs Supertrips, Ben and Danielle get hitched

Well if we wanted Supertrips to be a family business, then it’s certainly heading in the right direction. Over the last month or so,  Danielle and I tied the knot… not just the knot around our super hero capes either:

We are also expecting the birth of our baby soon- only 9 weeks to go 🙂

Now while we both thought the keeping in the theme of Disney would be a great idea, we stopped short of naming our child at Davy, Buzz, Cheyenne, Ratatouille, Mickey or any other Disney related phrase. I don’t think he would ever forgive us!

So the thing we are thinking now, is when do we take him to Disneyland Paris??…
As the man and wife behind Supertrips, it’s only right that we take him, maybe as an early way of saying: ‘son, in a few years ….. you will be sending out tickets to this place… for our customers to enjoy!’
Over to you now folks, how old do you think he should be for his first trip?

Now we are an official husband and wife, we both assure all of our wonderful loyal customers that any cases of ‘domestic disagreements over the clothes that I leave on the floor’ will not affect the processing of your orders 🙂

The Mini- Honeymoon

For a few days after the wedding, Danielle and I spent some time in Portugal, on the Western Algarve, where the above picture was taken. Yes, it was February and we weren’t exactly reaching for the sun tan lotion, but a steady 18-20 degrees and the sun shone constantly. We would really recommend the area so will tell you a little bit about it, in case you want some inspiration for your next break.

Danielle and I prefer areas a little more in tune with the locals, away from the high-rises.
It was off season, so for £15 over 4 days we could have rented a basic ‘bubble car’, but as it was our honeymoon, we stretched to £45 for a soft top, ‘Cyril’, as Danielle effectively named him….
The soft top was a great idea, we even got a tan while driving along to the best tunes that Portuguese radio had to offer.

A 5* hotel for less than £50 a night, in a suite, what more could we ask for?
Vale D’Oliverias

Driving around the coast near Carvoeiro, all the way to Sagres was fantastic, lots of small coves and amazing beaches.

Danielle and I, together with our new addition will certainly be heading back.
We are planning a family/friends trip out there next year and are on the lookout for a lovely villa to sleep 12 or so in the Carvoiero / Bengil area.

Algarve Map

We are also planning our summer holiday to the North West coast of USA, in the summer, any tips or suggestions are most welcome.








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