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How to do Disneyland Paris on the cheap……

The first thought of going to Disneyland Paris can be one of ‘how much will that cost?’. Indeed I am not going to tell you that it can be done with a few tokens from a newspaper and that drinks and food inside are similar to Aldi, but tickets such as the Disneyland annual pass ticket don’t run up to the small fortune that some believe it might.

But…. it may not cost as much as you think. If you piece it together yourself, it can be reasonable, but the experience for you and the family will be there to treasure for a lifetime….

Getting There. DRIVE!

Usually a ferry with a family will be the cheapest way as you pay by the car.
Dover to Calias ferries can be the best value option with returns per car full.

Of course you will have fuel costs too, depending on where in the UK you are located.

More info on Ferry costs on P&O Ferries 

Where to Stay?

In short the Disney hotels cost an absolute packet, no getting away from it. I believe that some good local hotels in the area offer fantastic accommodation for a fraction of the cost.

On our supetrips hotel search below, we can offer best rates guaranteed on any hotels in the Disneyland Paris area.
Well worth doing a little shopping around to get the best deal. I found the explorers hotel for as little as £56 per night ..

Hotel Search for Disneyland Paris


Park Tickets

Well there is a lot of controversy as tickets tend to be cheaper to french residents than anyone else which seems a tad unfair. This article for the Daily Mail explains it pretty well ..

At Supertrips we do our utmost to give our customers the best possible deal, helping people afford to go, hence this blog.

We have day tickets, starting from just £35 here.

The parks

At Disneyland Paris there is the main theme park and the studios. Our 1 park tickets allow you to choose one or the other, but the 2 parks tickets allow you to switch between the parks on the day of your visit.

How Long?

Its an interesting one to know how long to spend at Disneyland Paris. Everyone has different paces.
Some could happily skip around in a day, but others, well they may want to take 3-4 days.

Personally a day in each park is about right… That said, that’s me a mid 30’s father, not the kids, who would have very different opinions.

Ways to economise.

Take your own sandwiches… Disney food and drinks are of a poor quality for a high price…. then again, i can’t think of a theme park that’s any different..

If you are going for more than 2 days, an annual pass is the way to go. We have passes starting from £80 for kids. Well worth it if you think you might be back.

We have Annual passes from £80.


The passes also have lots of added benefits which give you parking, restaurant discounts as well as extra magic hours where the parks open earlier for pass holders. This is a great way of avoiding the queues.



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