Champagne and Disneyland Paris. The ideal break

On 9th June, Master Oliver was born, heir to the Supertrips throne he he..

A much needed visit to Disneyland Paris is required for our next research mission to include lots of how to videos, photos and lots more for

After thinking about the next trip and weighing up the financials, I have come up with 2 possible options:

1. Go to Disney, Stay near Disney for a few days and probably regret paying over the odds for a branded ‘Disney hotel’

2. Find a lovely traditional Gîte for a fraction of the price and stay longer, driving into Disney on the days that we want to go.



The mere mention to my wife Danielle of possibly staying on an actual champagne Vineyard vs a Disney Hotel, seemed to get her all excited!
We agreed that when baby Oliver is old enough to appreciate and enjoy a Disney hotel, we will do that, but for now, we are on the hunt for something altogether more rural.

So now on to the planning. The trouble with a baby is that you do have to pack everything that you own….all the just in case items. For that reason a flight is out and the good old ferry will come in handy.

We shall be choosing a cheaper crossing and tend to like the DFDS ships.  Travelling via Dunkirk is a lot quieter than Calais, so we tend to opt for that.  DFDS Ferries. Around £80 for a return trip is good value in my opinion.

Here is an english version of the rentals site, which has a great selection of places for around £300 per week in September / October time.

Before Half term, the parks tend to be quiet too. As Annual pass holders this is a great way to make use of the pass with an additional trip.  Outside of fuel and food, the basics for the trip come in at around £400.

While we are there:

Disney, yes of course.

We shall also be taking in the cellars of one the regions most historic Champagne Houses:

Ruinart Champagne Tour




Please post any suggestions that you may have for our trip.

We shall report back!

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