Annual Discovery Pass Ticket Disneyland Paris


You cannot use this pass to enter the parks for the 2 days following your first entry.

Discovery Pass CALENDAR (click here)

£125 for all passes, age 3+, Adult or child.

Tickets sent by email within 3 working days.
All passes must be registered at Disneyland Paris within 6 months on a valid entry day

  • Some of our tickets require names printed on them, please list the first and last names of ALL those attending separated by a comma , clearly identifying any under 12's at the time of travel by putting ([enter age in brackets]) after the names eg; Ben Smith (7). Names on tickets are non changeable and non refundable. Ensure that you have ID for each person.
  • We use this date to prioritize your delivery if your date of travel is close to your order

Product Description

Annual Discovery Pass Ticket Disneyland Paris

The new Annual Discovery Pass from Disneyland Paris is the most cost effective way of getting on the annual pass ‘ladder’ if you are on a budget, Annual Discovery Pass Ticket Disneyland Paris

The good news is that it is well priced, but limited to 150 days per year.

Discovery Pass CALENDAR (click here)
Parking is not included as it is with all other annual passes, although if a member of your party has a different pass, that is one way around paying to park each time.

You cannot use this pass to enter the parks for the 2 days following your first entry.
This is the same as the old Classic or Francilien pass

Discovery Pass CALENDAR (click here)

Why an annual pass?
Ben and Danielle (us…Mr and Mrs Supertrips) think that if you are planning any more than 2 days, it’s best to get an annual pass rather than the Disneyland park ticket price. The Disneyland Paris day ticket cost can quickly escalate. The Disneyland Annual Pass offers so many extra benefits and is much cheaper than buying Eurodisney Tickets at the gate when compared to Disneyland Paris standard admission prices.

You can take advantage of the extra hours, when the parks are quiet, also, if you do get to go back within the year, you know that your entrance fees are covered, plus the kids will love you for it!

So you you have come to the right place for your Disneyland Paris passes and park tickets



Here are the full details:

The temporary pass that is issued must be exchanged at the Annual Pass Office in a period of 6 months from the date of issue. YOU MUST take photo ID when attending

The Annual Discovery Pass allows you access to Disneyland ® and Walt Disney Studios ® for 150 days per year

Benefits (3)

  • 150 days a year access

(1) ie 215 days restriction, including the 2nd and 3rd day after the establishment of the final Annual Pass. See days Annual Pass restriction depending on the Annual Pass.

(2) See days restriction and conditions of the benefits of the Annual Pass with  disneylandparis.com site or in the Annual Pass booklet.
(4) During the first visit with an Annual Pass temporary, the parking is limited and payment of parking is not refundable, even if your Annual Pass includes this benefit. An additional 10 € per day will be required for motorhomes. Onsite parking is strictly personal Annual Pass is personal.

Annual Discovery Pass Ticket Disneyland Paris

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Annual Discovery Pass Ticket Disneyland Paris

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Fantasy Pass

Adult (12+), Child (3-11)


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